Overcoming Fear
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Escaping the “Dark Room”

Have you ever felt the world around you doesn’t really exist? Almost like it’s a figment of your imagination? I often wonder what’s really true and what’s truly false. The key to overcoming fear seems impossible to obtain, but it can be done. Let’s talk about it.

I’m beginning to realize the things I CANNOT see are more real than the things I can, and that feels like a major contradiction given the doctrine of our society. This prospective shift has compelled me to despise shrinking in the name of fear. Although fear tends to be prevalent in my life, shrinking my ideas, aspirations, and duties makes me want to vomit. I guess this is a good thing right? Now I’m sure your question is #howsway(How Sway)??? What do I do next after I’ve stepped over the threshold into the land of “newness”? At times I’ve felt like I’ve been standing in the same spot afraid to make a move forward, yet so far gone that I CANNOT go backward.

Can you relate?

It feels like there is this gravitational pull beckoning me forward to create my way into the next realm, but my mind has my feet plastered in the  same spot a little pass the threshold of “newness”.

Typically I’d retreat into the “dark box” of shame where self-inflicting  suffocation is administered by the teaspoon. Isolation is my bff, and the aroma of the Presence of God is a distant memory. It takes a simple gesture of evil from my flesh to curse my kids or critique my husband, or judge someone I  don’t know and spiral down the rabbit hole of the “dark box”. Then something clicks and I realize I have what it takes to get out of there.


The principle of honesty has rescued me from the “dark box” many times. The most important aspect of honesty is confession. Having a confession session with yourself. Can you be honest enough to have the most difficult, explicit, perverted conversations with yourself? Getting out your true intentions and emotions about anyone and anything is the beginning to freedom and light creeping into the “dark box”. Trust me friend, I know! The God in you will begin to speak solution into your mind and you WILL overcome! However, when you step out of the dark box you will still be in the same spot, a little pass the threshold of “newness”. Will you move forward and see what great things are ahead of you?  The “key” to overcoming fear is now in your hand.

What will you do?

Has the principle of honesty helped you overcome fear in an area of your life? Comment below.


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