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Southern folks have strange colloquialisms huh?! 

It’s been a minute nonetheless my friend. 

So many shifts, twists, and turns in my life’s storyline. I believe I was a good 37 weeks pregnant the last time we chopped it up on the blog. However, I have been speaking a bit on Facebook, Instagram, and OUHM Podcast.

Glendon Raphael in NICU
Glendon Raphael

Well, I’ve had the baby and hims is so fweet! And yes… I meant to spell it all like that sis! He is also a warrior! Now 5 months old, he’s had a tracheostomy to help him protect his airway and has a gastronomy tube placed to conduct feedings. I’ll share about him bit by bit because his story gets me so emotional and I have the tendency to shut down. I don’t want anything to break our communication in this season. 


Here are my other sweet babies! These pictures do not reflect their current ages.

Faith at age 2.

My oldest daughter just turned 6 years old…

Joy at age 1.
Amor at age 1.

My middle and youngest daughters will turn 4 and 5 in August (8/8 and 8/9) to be exact!

Cris at age 5.

My eldest son will turn 10 in 1 week and my youngest son will turn 9 in November. Talk about shifts, twists, and turns.

Ja'Kobe at 8 monks old.

How has Quarantine Life Been Treating you?

Well, we escaped NICU lock down and isolation by the skin of our teeth as our fweet boy, Glendon Raphael, graduated out of the NICU on March 5, 2020. Life has been hard. What I was looking for once coming home was not available. Such as a quick trip to Starbucks to catch a breather, read or write, and have a latte. That may sound so minuscule but…”THAT’S MY BUSINESS” as Mama Tabitha(Brown) would so eloquently put it! Lack of community is poison to the soul, at least mine. The baby requires a daily nurse. We’ve been so blessed with the agency that takes care of us and the one I call “MY favorite nurse”. However, life happens and she cannot be here 24-hours a day. So who becomes the nurse???? You guessed it! ME! It’s NOT light work my friend.

Staying Sane when Everything Seems to be Spiraling…

“Fighting to write a book that I was never meant to write feels like constipation.”


I’ve journeyed back to my roots; writing for the screen. Or #screenwriting! I had this really simple yet, profound revelation about 2 months ago. The Lord told me, ‘You’re supposed to write for the screen, not books. You’re trying to push out books because you don’t believe you can successfully become a screenwriter.” Girl!!!! The flood gates of my soul POURED tears from my eyes. It was such a relief.  From that revelation forward I began to find FREE resources to help me hone my skills a screenwriter to eventually become a prominent filmmaker.

I also have been assisting my husband in our online radio station. That has been surprisingly refreshing. We discussed giving me an hour slot to have my own show, but that’s a bit much right now. However if I did…Would you listen???

Until Next Time…

My kiddos are waking up so I better get off of here. Order is so important in a household of many. I’m excited to be back. We’ll speak soon!


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