I Love My Yoga Book!
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It Can Do Virtually Anything!

Your’re probably wondering, “What the heck is a Yoga Book? Is it some newly designed mat for yoga classes?” No my friend! It’s not a mat! It’s one of my favorite things besides Starbucks! Let me share with you why I love my Yoga Book so much!

But first, #storytime 🙂

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The kids were dropped off at school and I had the day off! Can you say #Starbucks!!!


Starbucks has become a safe haven for my creative process to flow. I really enjoy the aroma of coffee while I’m reading, writing, or brainstorming. My favorite is the blonde roast. I think I like it best because I know I get more caffeine in my drink, and for me that’s satisfying. Hey, I’m chasing after 5 kids for crying out loud! Typically, I enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, a good sharpened pencil, and notepad. However, today I decided to whip out my Yoga Book and order a Tall Blonde Caramel Latte’ with Soy Milk and 1 extra pump of Vanilla! You should definitely try that drink friends. It will change your life!

This particular Starbucks visit I had no real agenda, but I knew I wanted to draw. To be honest, I was quite numb from an emotional work- week. I felt so empty, yet I knew I was full of mental toxins. When I have time and space I usually process my emotions through journaling, and that’s exactly what I did. My latest post on fear was birthed during this Starbucks visit. 


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Why I Love My Yoga book!

The cool thing is I was able to use my Yoga Book and not feel strange because it was a device and not my typical pencil and notepad. Not only is my Yoga Book a tablet, but it has a physical notepad (with physical paper inside) that magnetically attaches to the keyboard, and the stylus has an ink pen refill that you place inside of it. So, when you write or draw on the notepad, it translates to the tablet screen!


So, I emptied my life into journaling on my Yoga Book until my heart felt pure again.

I then worked on one of my favorite drawings! I was able to thoroughly enjoy the process of creating and re-creating! If I’m honest, drawing is a newly resurrected passion of mine. I’ve always loved drawing, but as a kid I’d get super frustrated and quit the commitment of seeing a drawing through. Now, when I draw I commit to it. Even if I have to take frequent breaks or put it away for a month, I’m committed to seeing it through.

Here is the drawing I was working on!

My Favorite Drawing Books!

My favorite drawing books are by Steve Barr. They have very simple instructions and provide so much freedom. The first rule that he states in his books is that there are NO RULES! When I first read this the anxiety that had built itself in me dissolved. You can find the Steve Barr drawing book that I’m currently learning from HERE. His books have taught me the basic principles of drawing.

I’m a very tangible and visual learner. The way I process information best is to see and feel what I’m doing. The cool thing about my Yoga Book is I can physically write on it. Storytelling is my specialty! In my creative process, I like to sketch, type, write notes, voice record, take photos, and even video record.  My desktop at home cannot do all these things, not even my MacBook. Oh, how I love my MacBook! My Yoga Book can do it all!

Why I Chose To Purchase My Yoga Book

Choosing to purchase my Yoga Book was purely due to my resurrected passion for drawing! I was looking for a drawing pad that felt most like pencil on paper, but not as expensive as an iPad. I mean I’ve got 6 kid’s friends! That’s including the young man on his way into the earth this December! I also loved the amenities that came with it. Yoga Book has 2 processing systems that you can choose from upon purchasing.  It’s powered by Windows or Android depending on your preference. I chose Android because of its processing speed. Although storage is limited I knew speed was important to me. Especially after switching my laptop from PC to Mac. I still have access to Microsoft Office which comes with the Yoga Book. I have access to the Google Play app store as well as the Android app store. Because the Yoga Book is considered a mobile device, majority of the apps are compatible. I use the FREE Adobe Draw App to draw on my Yoga Book.

If you think the Yoga Book would be great for your personal or professional use you can get yours HERE.


 Do you have a Yoga Book? Please share your experience with your Yoga Book in the comments below. Perhaps there are some features I’m missing out on. School me baby!

All of my favorite products mentioned in this post are listed below! <3

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