How I fed my family of 7 with $94!
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Our Family Menu for One Week

I FED MY FAMILY OF 7 WITH $94!!! This menu has been crafted by a $94 grocery haul trip from my favorite grocery store, ALDI! I can shop organic and vegan (for my youngest daughter) without breaking the bank! Those of us that have large families know that $94 for 7 days worth of meals is definitely a deal! Heck, those of us with small families know that’s a deal!

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**INSERT VICTORY DANCE** Now let’s keep this in mind. I had 2 dinner meals in the fridge and freezer that I did not have to account for in this hauls budget, among some miscellaneous ingredients I did not have to purchase. Let’s take a look at our menu for the week.

Menu for One Week


Sweet potato, spinach, and egg scramble (chicken breakfast sausage)

Mixed berry smoothie (add chia seeds and moringa powder)

Toasted bagel/strawberry preserves

Strawberry banana smoothie bowl (add chex, cereal, chia seeds, and moringa powder)

We’re adding moringa powder to our smoothies to add an ample amount of nutrients that would only be possible by adding a ton of incompatible tasting ingredients. Chex cereal is being used in place on granola. 2 of my kids are allergic to oats, so we’ll crush up some chex cereal and sprinkle on top of our smoothie bowls. Chia seeds provide a great source of omega-3’s, antioxidants, and a host of other nutrients.

Moringa powder and chia seeds were not purchased on this grocery haul but can be found at the bottom of this post!

Lunch (Box Choices)


Cheese pizza

Turkey rolls ups

Sunbutter and jelly sanwiches

Corn Dog

Lentil burger



 Chocolate Hummus

Fig bars

Chocolate chip cookie thon

Fruits sancks

Honey teddy bears


Pretzel thins

Veggie chips

Blue corn tortilla chips

Wheat thins



Madarin oranges

Apple sauce




Stew beef /rice

Chicken pot pie

Chicken sausage/roasted veggies(cauliflower,brocoli, and carrots)/ ricd

Rotini pasta/meat sauce/spinach

Chicken nuggets/fries

There will be leftovers!

Leftovers will be placed in rotation until our next grocery  haul! That’s how I fed my family of 7 with $94!

Watch grocery haul video HERE. 

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