Easily Broken Focus
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The condition of a human being who does not create space inside themselves to thrive in the day to day bustle of life. Yet we got plans, goals, projects etc. and expect to get it done. Often times if we get it done at the expense of our sanity, physical health, sabotaging relationships. You name it!

You’d think I’d have this discipline down pat with all the kids I’m responsible for, and not to mention the ambitious husband I am one with. Love you @luckymurray. For some strange reason I think I have superwoman strength, and I have fooled others into believing this lie as well. I think it’s a part of my mental conditioning to believe this lie about myself.

The lie that I can do 50 tasks:
Without eating
Without drinking
Without bathing
Without praying
Without asking for help
Without receiving help
Without sleeping

And the list goes on and on. Can you relate?
My issue is trying to wear too many hats, and as I type this I think about my husband. I often get frustrated with him for being involved in so many things and not creating the space he needs to rest, but am I any better?

revelation #mindblown

I’m sitting in Starbucks 37 weeks pregnant guzzling my favorite drink, a caramel latte with soymilk and 1 pump of vanilla <3, creating space so I have the capacity to receive more revelations from the Almighty God! Before I started this post, I felt God compelling me to create space. He said, “Tell me how you feel?” Honestly, I was rejecting his invitation because for a moment in my broken focus, I saw him as some dude acting like he was concerned about the ins and outs of my life. It was when I sat down in Starbucks and unplugged for a moment that I was able to recognize my father’s voice. He is not some dude I use to mess with or some dude I was thirsty for or even my imperfect husband.

We have many plans, projects, and goals but without the space to create, it will never happen or it won’t happen well. Something will be sabotaged.
I challenge you to partner with God and ask him what it is you need to do to create space. “For a strand of 3 or more is not EASILY BROKEN” (Ecclesiastes 4:12 NLT)

For me, it’s writing God notes with absolutely no filter. I mean grammatically incorrect, a few curse words here and there, and sometimes my perverted thoughts. He knows anyway right? This is intimacy. Laying myself bare before Him.

For you it might mean singing an unknown song, dancing with moves you’ve never seen before, or meditating in complete silence. The key is getting out of your head and opening yourself to release and receive.

Love you friend,

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