23 Weeks Pregnant
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My Journey from Revelation to 23 Weeks Pregnant<3

Time is ticking, and I’m over halfway through this thing! I am 23 weeks pregnant<3! But I must admit it’s been a sweet ride! An emotional one, but really sweet. I remember when I first got the revelation that God would bless me with another opportunity to incubate a human. That I’d be able to bring forth it’s life into the earth. Honestly, I’ve had very emotionally challenging pregnancies which definitely manifested health issues. So, I’ve always felt guilty about my lack of awareness when it comes to the beauty of carrying a baby and delivering one.

Week 23!!!

Per babylist.com baby boy’s lungs are developing and my body is preparing for lactation, which explains the heaviness in my breastplate 😉

Fun Facts:

  • Baby boy is about the size of Cher’s cell phone from Clueless
  • He can hear my voice, and even loud noises around me
  • About 17 weeks left until we meet

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Struggled to Believe

When I actually got pregnant this time I could not believe it! I was low-key frustrated because months prior I had been having dreams and visions. Then I’d test and would get negative results over and over and over again. So of course, I felt like a complete lunatic! I remember the last day I tested and got a negative I fell to pieces in my shower. More so because I felt like an idiot. I’d told my husband about the revelation God had given me and I felt even he thought I was nuts.

In the shower God began to speak to me. He told me that my tears were not from getting negative test, my tears were from feeling stupid and unworthy. He told me that my desire for people to clearly know my intentions had taken me over. He told me that if He said it, then it is so. He also said what He says supersedes time and space. 

Divine Conversation

After my shower. I had an urge to write so I began to write down my encounter with God because I knew He’d have me share it one day. I smiled as I closed my notepad and fell asleep. Then there was the BIG dream! I say big dream but the parts I can remember were very vague. I remember tinkling on a massive pregnancy test that was the size of a remote control! Lol!

I woke up to a still small voice saying, “take the test”. It was 4 or 5am and I was cozy. I think I answered the voice back saying, “It’s not time”. But the voice persisted to instruct me to take the test. I remembered I had another clear blue digital test from the pack I opened the night before when I fell to pieces before God. I got up and tinkled on the stick, placed the blue cap back on it, and hid it behind my bathroom door! Lol!

Random Thought

Somehow, I think I have the power to dismantle technology by looking at it while it’s thinking. Do you remember the hour glass that use to show up on Windows XP back in the day??? LOL!

…Back to the Divine Conversation 🙂

Anyhow, the still small voice said, “Look at it.” I was VERY reluctant to do so. I think I argued with God a smidge before I looked. Then I looked! I almost hopped into the commode doing a silent yet aggressive victory dance! It read, PREGNANT!


There is more to that story but I will leave off with this. Even after confirmation on the test I still doubted. Even after an ultrasound, I doubted. I doubted so much that I end up having the worst morning sickness of my life up until the 2nd week of my 2nd trimester. Which can be very normal, I know. I guess God was like here, have a dose of random dry heaving in public places so you know it’s real! LOL! I know some women will disagree with God giving me morning sickness, and that’s fine. This is just my personal understanding based on my personal intimate relationship with Him. My story is not to condemn anyone’s experience or to make a mockery of anyone’s experience.

Thank You <3

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See you in Week 24!

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2 thoughts on “23 Weeks Pregnant <3

  1. What I love about this story is that it’s all Brittany. No need to be anybody else, Friend.
    Thank you for sharing the intimacy of your relationship with our Rescuer. You encourage me to continue my journey to that place. May God bless every single pregnant breath you have left, and bring Raphael into your arms with peace. Amen <3

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